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breaking free from anxiety and depression

Let’s get real--do you ever feel like a failure as a Christian-- like it’s just too hard to live your life for Jesus? Ever get depressed, anxious, or angry and then feel guilty about it because “Christians shouldn’t feel that way”? Or maybe you feel ashamed about an addiction or sin that you just can’t seem to break free from. Have your endless “Christian activities” left you exhausted and empty, wondering if the easy yoke and light burden Jesus promised is just a pipe dream? Surely believers should not be struggling to experience the rest and freedom promised in God’s Word, but where’s a burnt-out believer to turn?

True Life Discipleship Counseling will be offering an 8-week mini-course which will address these questions and more, taught by two of their trained discipleship counselors, on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30, beginning October 10, 2019. This personal growth course will show participants how to break free from self-life and enter into Christ’s life to experience true freedom. The cost is $150. Checks can be made out to True Life and brought on the first day of class.

About True Life Discipleship Counseling
True Life Discipleship Counseling is an independent, cross-denominational, non-profit ministry located in Bel Air, Maryland, serving local churches, and the community by providing a safe, caring environment for those seeking personal and spiritual help for a variety of reasons. From weary, heavy-laden Christians who are struggling to experience the rest and freedom promised in God’s Word, to anyone caught in a season of anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, or other emotional issue, including marital and parenting challenges, everyone can benefit from this unique approach to counseling. Our desire is to help individuals experience a moment-by-moment dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information about our ministry, please visit