whatever it takes.

The stakes are too high. Statistics are rising. We are losing ground.

It’s time. The world needs the church to be the church. The world needs the church Jesus died for.

A church full of authentic people. A church hungry for a move of God.

A church that gets everyone involved. A church that leads the way with irrational generosity.

A church that cares for its community. A church striving for excellence in all things.

Excellence is the only option.

Half hearting it, making excuses, not showing up ready, blaming others have plagued work places and houses of worship.

If the church is not excellence in every way, we will be invisible to everyone.

Doing whatever it takes to reach people far away from God and doing whatever it takes to raise people up to new life in Christ will change the game.

Do you have whatever it takes to do whatever it takes?